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How to use Widgetmeister

Step 1: Open Widgetmeister
Application icon
Step 2: Select a QuickTime widget by clicking the Set button in the QuickTime widget area.
Picture of button to select widget
Step 3: In the window that opens, select a QuickTime widget.
Choose widget dialog
Step 4: Specify the position of where the widget will be located in the source movie.
Choose widget dialog
Step 5: Select a movie you'd like to add the widget to by clicking on the Set button for the source movie.
Choose source movie button
Step 6: In the window that opens, select the source movie that will have the widget added to it.
Choose source movie dialog
Step 7: Click the Process button to have Widgetmeister add the widget to your source movie. Process button
Step 8: A window will open asking you to save the combined movie.
Name combined movie dialog
Step 9: The new movie will automatically open in QuickTime Player, so you can preview it. Example of final product

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