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Widgetmeister is a QuickTime utility to help add interactive widgets to existing QuickTime movies. It is very easy to use. The process for using Widgetmeister is:

  1. Choose a QuickTime widget
  2. Select a source movie to add the widget to
  3. Specify where the widget will be placed in the source movie
  4. Click the process button
  5. Give the newly created combined movie a name

Widgetmeister uses AppleScript and QuickTime Player Pro to add a QuickTime widget to the entire duration of your movie.

Examples of some of the widgets you can add to your QuickTime movies would include: QT Speed Buttons, QT Keynote Controller, QT Video Controller, QT Slide Controller and the QT Caption Button Pack.

Widgetmeister is currently available for MacOS X. If you'd like to see a Windows version, please contact us. The movies processed by Widgetmeister can play on Mac and Windows.

Widgetmeister System Requirements:

  • QuickTime 6 or above
  • MacOS X version 10.3 or above
  • QuickTime Player Pro

Widgetmeister Screen

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