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Using QT Tag Converter

Using QT Tag Converter is as easy
as 1. 2. 3.
Step 1: After launching QT Tag Converter, choose to convert a single web page or all the web pages in a folder by selecting one of the two options listed to process.

If you choose to process a folder and you have folders nested inside of other folders, QT Tag Converter will scan all the enclosed folders.

Step 1
Step 2: Click the "Choose" button to locate the file or folder you wish to process.
Step 2
Step 3: Click the "Process" button to have QT Tag Converter scan your files.
Step 3
A listing of scanned files will appear in the results field. When all files have been processed QT Tag Converter will display the total files scanned, and the total files that have been converted in the results field.
Step 4
If you have additional questions about QT Tag Converter please see our support page.

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