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If you have a question about QT Tag Converter please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: QT Tag Converter runs in Classic mode on Panther. What's Up?

Answer: It strange, but true. Changes made to MacOS 10.3 reverts QT Tag Converter into a classic app. If you'd like to see an Pantherized version of QT Tag Converter, please contact us.

Question: Does dragging files or a folder on the application icon work in 1.5?

Answer: Currently no. We are working on fixing the problem and hope to have an update out soon.

Question: Does QT Tag Converter 1.2 work in MacOS X?

Answer: Yes. It's been tested on versions 10.04 and 10.1 and works just fine in classic mode. If you do encounter a problem please contact us. QT Tag Converter 1.5 is now built for Mac OS X.

Question: I have Adobe Golive 5, and since I've used QT Tag Converter I get a "Can't create object." error when I try to open a page.

Answer: Adobe Golive 5 has a bug with ALL QuickTime Object tags. Golive 6 fixes the problem. Read more.

Question: I added an new embed tag to an already converted web page. Will QT Tag Converter convert that tag?

Answer: Yes. This feature has been added to version 1.5

Workaround: We would recommend deleting the object portion of the existing tags and then rescanning the page with QT Tag Converter.

Question: Does QT Tag Converter support the new URL Extensions in QuickTime 5?

Answer: Currently No. Please contact us if you'd like to see this feature in QT Tag Converter.

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