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QT Speed Buttons

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Adding QT Speed Buttons with QuickTime Player Pro

Update: Widgetmeister can also added widgets to movies much easier.

Step 1: Open the QT Speed Button movie with QuickTime Player Pro. If you don't have the pro version, you can upgrade easily at the QuickTime web site.
Step 2: Copy the QT Speed Button to the clipboard.

Choose Copy under the Edit menu.

Step 3: Now open your movie, make sure the play head is at the beginning of the clip.

Choose Select All from the Edit menu.

Step 4: Now choose "Add Scaled" found under the "Edit" menu. This will add the QT Speed Button to the entire duration of your movie.

Click on the speed button and you'll see the movie start from the beginning playing on whatever speed you've chosen. If you're not satisified with the video performance (sometimes buttons overlaying the video can degrade the performance of the video) you can move the button so it doesn't interfiere with the video. If you're satisfied with the button's location, skip to step 10.

Step 5: Let's move the button so it's underneath the video clip. Choose Get Movie Properties from under the Movie menu. A new window will appear

Step 6: In the properties window, choose the name of the speed button from the top-left popup menu.
Step 6: From the top-right popup-menu, choose the Size option. Then click on the Adjust button. This will put red markers on the QT Caption Button. If you were to click and drag on the red markers you will change the shape of the button. We want to just change the position of the buttons.
Step 7: Click on the movie title bar to set the focus back to your movie clip and then use the arrow keys to set the placement of the speed button. When you are done positioning the speed button, click the Done button in the Movie Properties window.

Step 8: If you have additional speed buttons to add, follow steps 1 through 7.
Step 9: Once you've compled adding your speed buttons, make sure the play head is at the beginning of your movie. Also make sure there are no selections in your movie by Select None from the Edit menu.

Now save your movie as a self contained movie clip. You do this by selecting the "Make movie self-contained" option in the save window.

That's it! Your combined movie should be ready to go!
If you have additional questions about QT Video Controller please see our support area.

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