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QT Video Controller

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Step 1: Copy the QT Remote Controller movie and web page to your local web site.
step 1
Step 2: Change the name of the QT_Remote_Controller.html file to whatever you wish.

step 2
Step 3: Open that file in your favorite web editor or text editor and change the title of the page.
step 3
Step 4: Find the QuickTime object/embed tag. Change the src of the first object/embed tag combination to the name of your movie.

step 4
Step 5: If you movie is not 320 pixels wide and/or 240 pixels high, change the height and width attributes in both the object tag and embed tag.
step 5
That's it. Your remote controller should be ready to go.
step 6
If you have additional questions about QT Remote Controller please see our support page.

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