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Creating reference movies with QT Pointer Maker

Step 1: Upload the source movies to your RTSP, HTTP, or FTP server.

Copy files to server
Step 2: Launch QT Pointer Maker.
Launch QT Pointer Maker
Step 3: Add the source files to the QT Pointer Maker list.

If you have a local copy of the files (with the same names) you can add those files to the source list. You can also mount your QTSS server and select the files from the server.

Import files

Import Window
Step 4: Select the type of pointer file you'd like to create.

There are options to use SMIL, QuickTime Media Links and RTSPtext to point to your hosted movies. Each pointer file type has it's own set of playback properties. Choose a pointer file type according to what best meets your delivery needs. When in doubt, use SMIL.

SMIL gives you an option to add a background image to your movie as well as other playback parameters.

QuickTime Media Links give you the option to open your source movies directly in QuickTime Player. It also has playback options not available in SMIL and RTSPtext. Please see the official QuickTime documentation for more information on QuickTime Media Links.

RTSPtext can only be used with movies served through the RTSP protocol.

Select Pointer File Type
Step 5: Add the URL Prefix to where the movies are located on the server. This is the full URL to where the media files are located on the server. Set URL Prefix
Step 5: Add playback parameters if applicable.

If using the background image option in SMIL, upload the background image file to a web server. Fill in the full URL to the image file. You can also define the top and left coordinate of your video file to position the video inside your background area.

Set file options
Step 8: Select a destination folder for your reference movies. This is where the new reference movies will be created.

Set Destination Folder
Step 9: Click the Process button to create your pointer files.

Click Process Button
QT Pointer Maker will create a reference movie for every movie found in the source list. A reference movie can be embedded in a web page, used at a HREF file for a poster movie, burned to CD, and incorporated with other QuickTime content.
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