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QT Pointer Maker is a MacOS X and Windows utility that batch creates QuickTime pointer files, sometimes called reference movies that are used to deliver your QuickTime movies or streams. This tool can be very beneficial when moving large quantities of movies to a streaming server or web server and you need a quick way to access each stream.

QT Pointer Maker quickly creates QuickTime movies that, when opened, will point to the source movie located on your server. Because each pointer file is a QuickTime movie, they can be embedded in web page, played in QuickTime player, delivered from CD and integrated with other QuickTime content. QT Pointer Maker can be used to deliver movies through local reference, RTSP, HTTP and FTP.

Please see our tutorial for more information on using QT Pointer Maker, or download a demo version today.

Existing RTSPtext Maker and Media Link Maker users can crossgrade to QT Pointer Maker for a discounted price. Please see the Buy Now page for more information.

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