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Updated for QuickTime 7 & MacOS 10.4.

The QT Detection Pack is a set of diagnostic movies and QuickTime detection routines that you can implement on your web site to help ensure your end users will have the right version of QuickTime before they see your QuickTime content. It includes interactive movies that display:

  • What version of QuickTime they have installed
  • The connection speed they have set in QuickTime settings
  • What operating system they are running.

The QT Detection Pack also includes a set of redirection pages for checking for QuickTime 4.0 through 6.4. The redirection pages are easy to setup, and don't require modifying of MIME-types or other settings on the server. They use JavaScript to give you greater control of the detection process when JavaScript is enabled in a browser, and they are compatible with browsers that have scripting turned off, or is not supported. The redirection pages can be totally customized and all the files can be renamed to fit the structure of your site.

QuickTime and MacOS X are updated quite frequently. Purchasing the QT Detection Pack entitles you to 12 months of free updates to ensure your detection routines are up-to-date. In 2003, QuickTime was updated six times, and MacOS X was updated seven times.

For examples of both solutions, please see our showcase area.

Registered users of the QT Detection Pack may upgrade to the latest version (and receive another year of free updates) by using our upgrade page.

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